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Paul Gordon's Political Review is a fictional blog by the late writer John Miles Jeffries.

The World's Fastest Dentist with a Drill Presents His Political Review: All the News Not Fit to Censor.

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ReligionFriday February 29, 2008
Dateline: Brussels, Belgium

Back in Morocco (See Gris-Gris Blog, 2006 ) my two colleagues are still working on Evgeny Podkletnov's anti-gravity light beam but learning that you can't clone wings on camels and expect them to fly. In Texas, citizens are seeing UFOs and since many of them have mobile phones with cameras and video recorders, you too can see on your computers that there's something unusual up there. But no contact, not ever, except in movies and on televison. And there they are, a lot of them, mostly ugly, the film industry's contribution to our understanding of the cosmos. For sky watchers a clear night can be fascinating, especially if you're viewing from a telescope connected to the edge of your hot.....
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