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Africa: Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South AfricaFebruary, 2011
Africa: Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa
Exciting wildlife. Extensive savanahs. Origin of man-kind.

Through four countries, from it's waterfall heart, across nature reserves and vast deserts to the most southern edge of this primal continent.

In this catagory:Zambia (22) Botswana (60) Namibia (265) South Africa (108) Victoria Falls (7) Big Five (36) cheetah (95) lion (36) Himba (13) Cape Cross (20) the Sand Dune Sea (28) Table Mountain (29) penguin (41)
Metal Camp Slovenia and VeniceJuly, 2010
Metal Camp Slovenia and Venice
Darkness was so close to romance. About half a day by train.

Metal Camp, Tolmin is situated in the beautiful Rivendell-esk landscape of Slovenia. After being hammered by Norwegian Black Metal, relax and have an overpriced lunch in the colorful Italian city of Venice.

Search for:Metal Camp:beach Immortal (11) Canal Grande (24) Piazza San Marco (18)
BudapestApril, 2010
Baroque castles, communist mementos.

A quick tour of this beautifull Eastern European city.

Find me:Danube river (10) Buda Castle (10) Parliament Building (12) Memento Park (18) Budapest 2010 (78)
Screenshots Museum2:00 on Friday April 23, 2010
Screenshots Museum
Commodore 64, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Linux - Enlightenment, FVWM2, WindowMaker, Gnome.

A selection of (desktop) screenshots spanning a few decades.

ParisMarch, 2010
Venus de Milo, millions of bones and stereo anaglyps.

Back and forth to France by Thalys. Experimented with color 3D photography.

Find me:Paris:3D Centre Georges Pompidou (5) Eiffel Tower (15) Louvre (35) Catacombes (21) Paris 2010 (122)
HTML color codesTuesday March 2, 2010
HTML color codes News ,Coding ,Other
An easy reference of over 750 colors with names, RGB and hex values.

Copy / paste into your HTML code or css.

North IndiaNovember, 2009
North India
Taj Mahal, the Ganges river and Rajasthani camels.

Booked a trip to this amazing country, a surreal place living between medieval and modern times. Packed with people, cows, dogs, camels and rats and the occasional tiger along the way. Hard to describe what it's like in words, so let the pictures do the talking...

See more:Delhi (25) Jaisalmer (21) Jodhpur (48) Udaipur (59) Ranakpur (15) Pushkar (59) Jaipur (39) Khajuraho (44) Taj Mahal (17) Varanasi (40) Karni Mata rat temple (11) Ranthambhore NP (22) India 2009 (539)
Shadowfire GalleryMay, 2009
Shadowfire Gallery News , Artwork
Sister site Shadowfire Gallery celebrates it's 10th anniversary!

Three galleries of dark surreal artwork, photographs of Mexico, Scandinavia, Nepal, Egypt and much more.

Southwestern United StatesDecember, 2008
Southwestern United States News ,Photography ,Las Vegas,Death Valley,Sequoia NP,Fresno,Berkeley,San Francisco,Los Angeles,Hollywood,Venice,Grand Canyon,United States 2008
A road trip through Nevada, California and Arizona. Vegas baby!

Flew to Las Vegas, Rented a car for three weeks, drove through Nevada, California, Arizona and back. Got home with 3000 images. Here's a selection...

Show me stuff on:Las Vegas (267) Death Valley (9) Sequoia NP (21) Fresno (11) Berkeley (16) San Francisco (91) Los Angeles (170) Hollywood (169) Venice (312) Grand Canyon (51) United States 2008 (567)
MexicoOctober, 2007
News ,Photography ,Mexico City,Teotihuacan,Palenque ruins,Agua Azul,Chichen Itza,Tulum ruins,Playa del Carmen,Mexico 2007
Mexico city, Maya blood and Yucathan beaches. Where's my head?

Mexico city to the peninsula of Yucatan by bus. Many many Aztec and Maya ruins along the way. Here's a few photographs I took.

See more:Mexico City (46) Teotihuacan (43) Palenque ruins (54) Agua Azul (16) Chichen Itza (49) Tulum ruins (40) Playa del Carmen (54) Mexico 2007 (463)
Univers(al) TimelineTuesday August 28, 2007
Univers(al) Timeline News ,Coding ,Other
A timeline of the universe, solar system and evolution of life.

(Captions are in Dutch.)