Commodore 64 tribute screenshots screenshots,favorites
Randomly pastes screenshots of Commodore 64 games - Mask of the Sun, Dallas Quest, Theatre Europe, Golden Axe, Revs, Spy vs Spy 2, Hacker, Game Music V demo, Bombjack a.o.
Windows 95 desktop desktops,screenshots,favorites
Windows 95 running Netscape 4.
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Linux WindowMaker desktop21:46 on Tuesday September 15, 1998
Linux WindowMaker desktop screenshots,desktops,favorites
Linux X-Windows WindowMaker.
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Linux Enlightenment DR16 Xinerama desktops,screenshots,favorites
Linux X-Windows Enlightement DR16 in Xinerama (dual monitor) mode running GQView.
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Linux Enlightenment DR16 desktop23:40 on Tuesday May 3, 2005
Linux Enlightenment DR16 desktop screenshots,desktops,favorites
Linux X-Windows Enlightenment DR16 (BlueHeart theme) with Xdesktop running on the root desktop tracking ISS and Hubble.
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Linux Sawfish desktop1:11 on Wednesday May 25, 2005
Linux Sawfish desktop screenshots,desktops,favorites
Linux X-Windows Sawfish running UAE Amiga emulator.
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Linux Gnome Compiz desktop1:26 on Monday September 3, 2007
Linux Gnome Compiz desktop desktops,screenshots,favorites
Linux X-Windows Gnome / Compiz OpenGL window manager.
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Linux Gnome desktop20:52 on Tuesday May 27, 2008
Linux Gnome desktop screenshots,desktops,favorites
Linux X-Windows Gnome / Compiz Fusion with the Expo plugin enabled running Eyes of Gnome and Totem.
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Linux Gnome desktop0:00 on Thursday December 18, 2008
Linux Gnome desktop desktops,screenshots,favorites
Linux X-Windows Gnome Compiz Fusion running The Gimp (my all-time favorite aplication).
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