BudapestApril, 2010
Baroque castles, communist mementos.

A quick tour of this beautifull Eastern European city.

Find me:Danube river (10) Buda Castle (10) Parliament Building (12) Memento Park (18) Budapest 2010 (78)
Metal Camp Slovenia and VeniceJuly, 2010
Metal Camp Slovenia and Venice
Darkness was so close to romance. About half a day by train.

Metal Camp, Tolmin is situated in the beautiful Rivendell-esk landscape of Slovenia. After being hammered by Norwegian Black Metal, relax and have an overpriced lunch in the colorful Italian city of Venice.

Find me:Metal Camp:beach Immortal (11) Canal Grande (24) Piazza San Marco (18)
Africa: Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South AfricaFebruary, 2011
Africa: Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa
Exciting wildlife. Extensive savanahs. Origin of man-kind.

Through four countries, from it's waterfall heart, across nature reserves and vast deserts to the most southern edge of this primal continent.

In this catagory:Zambia (22) Botswana (60) Namibia (265) South Africa (108) Victoria Falls (7) Big Five (36) cheetah (95) lion (36) Himba (13) Cape Cross (20) the Sand Dune Sea (28) Table Mountain (29) penguin (41) | Eye on Planet EarthJuly, 2014 | Eye on Planet Earth News
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