Q: The layout of this website looks like crap in Internet Explorer.

A: I've decided to stop supporting Internet Explorer, sorry.

Q: The layout looks like crap in other browsers.

A: The HTML/CSS of this website was designed with forward compatibility in mind to stay in tune with future web 2 developments. Currently it's heavily tested with Firefox 3 and Opera 9.

I'm trying to be as W3C compliant as possible, all though this site is also my sandbox for experimental CSS technologies. The emphasis lies on liquid CSS (a layout independent of browser dimensions and screen size) to accommodate for various desktop, laptop and mobile browser configurations. Also this seems to be the best way of presenting my artwork and photography galleries on both wide and small screens. Design-wise, liquid layouts are a compromise though.

Q: Tell me something about the engine of this website.

A: See Atomic Spider Maze From Hell (beta).

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